Past E-Newsletters

Published November 2022. E-Newsletter 22  details changes to the Committee and to RUH parking arrangements. A pdf of this newsletter can accessed by clicking here.

Published during August 2022 E-Newsletter 21 included information on the new Bristol Clean Air Zone and its implications. A pdf of E-Newsletter 21 can can be found by clicking here.

Published in June 2022, E-Newsletter trailed upcoming events including the Summer Lunch picnic, the Food & River Festival and our AGM. A pdf of E-Newsletter 20 can be found by clicking here

Published during February 2022 E-Newsletter 19 included detailed comparison data on journeys carried out over the past 3 years, and Safeguarding issues. A pdf of E-Newsletter 19 can be viewed by clicking here.

Published November 2021. E-Newsletter 18 introduced the new expenses form, looked at Lengthy Appointments and gave updated parking info at Salisbury Hospital. You can view a pdf of E-Newsletter 18 by Clicking here

Published August 2021. Along with the usual info E-Newsletter 17 gave an update on Covid and an introduction to the new email notifications of Clients and Trips system. You can view a pdf of E-Newsletter 17 by Clicking here.