Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Link?

Link provides services for those who don’t have the means to get to and from appointments using their own transportation methods or are unable to use public transport.

How much does it cost?

We ask only for a voluntary contribution towards the drivers expenses to help cover the cost of the journey. The driver will be able to provide you with an envelope to place your contribution in.

What if I need a wheelchair, walking aid or assistance to access the Link car or hospital?

Walking aids shouldn’t be a problem Link clients need to be able to get to and from the Link car and to get into and out of it by themselves. If they cannot manage this, they will need to bring someone with them who can assist them. Link drivers are not allowed to lift wheelchairs into or out of the car but other aids, such as a folding walker, can generally be catered for.

What if you can’t arrange a journey?

We try our best to arrange journeys for everyone however, we cannot guarantee that there will be a driver available to you on the time and date you need us. If Link is unsuitable for you due to mobility issues we will provide you with details of the Patient Transport Service, which is specially equipped and trained to help such clients.

How will I know it’s my driver?

All of our drivers carry an identification badge bearing their name and photograph. You can also call us and we can help to verify their identity if you are still unsure.

How do I arrange a booking?

You can call us on 07979 129052 and tell us the time, place and date of your appointment so we can arrange a driver to come and collect you. Please give as much notice as possible so that we can make the correct arrangements ahead of time.

How do I cancel a journey?

You can call us on 07979 129052 and let us know that you no longer need our services. Please try to do this at your earliest convenience so that we can avoid unnecessary journeys for our drivers

Melksham Link Operational Policies

We have a number of policies  to cover how we operate, these include:-

  • Donations
  • GDPR
  • Complaints
  • Photographics
  • Safeguarding
  • Eligibility

If you wish to see a copy of these please call us on 07979 129052 and we will send you a copy.

Get in touch

If we haven’t answered your question here, please feel free to contact us using the number below so we can help you further.

a phone icon  07979 129052