Committee changes.
Both Tessa Missen and Bridget Parker have decided that it is time to retire from the Committee. They will both continue with ‘Open Door’ when that is able to resume. We thank them for the work
and support they have put into Melksham Link and the Committee. Their positions are not being filled for the present but will be considered at the next AGM.

Additional Officers
We have now filled all the roles with regards to the Welfare Officer, Safeguarding Officer and Health & Safety Officer.

Ruth King, for the Welfare role. Ruth can be contacted via the duty coordinator regarding any Volunteer Welfare matter. This role does not involve any client issues.
Dee will cover Safeguarding (of clients)
Pete Colegate will cover Health & safety
Many thanks for offering to take on these roles.

As the government relax the rules around Covid and gradually move us out of lockdown, rest assured that the coordinators will still be asking all clients that they wear a face covering, sit in the back of the vehicle, sanitise hands and the usual precautions.

With the end of lockdown and restrictions in sight, plus the Covid vaccination, hopefully some or all of our volunteer drivers ‘on furlough’ will be resuming in the future. Please let the duty
coordinator know if/when this applies for you. If you’ve decided to retire from Link please can you let either Heather or Richard know.