Current Situation
We now have 8 drivers that are over 70 years of age that have decided to drive again and thank them very much, this is in addition to the handful of our “younger” drivers that have driven
throughout the pandemic. The coordinators are now back on board as the number of request have increased considerably. Can I please reiterate that the decision to drive currently is down to the
Individual, please do not feel pressured into driving. The committee and indeed other Link volunteers totally respect the individual’s decision.

Due to the current and fast changing rules about socialising, this year’s AGM will be online via Zoom. I do know that there will be a handful of members that have no access to the internet; you may consider visiting another Link volunteer that does so you can participate in the meeting, but please stick to the current government guidelines. Many of you are already familiar with zoom, for those of you that are not please download the free UK zoom app onto your electronic device prior to the meeting. An invitation via email will be sent out a couple of weeks prior to the AGM, the date and time is Thursday 29th October 19.30pm. The meeting normally lasts for 15-20 minutes. The constitution states that at least 10 members must attend the AGM, I am confident that more than 10 of you will participate in the online meeting. All the necessary paperwork for the AGM will be either posted or hand delivered in October to all

Committee Members for 2020/2021
The following volunteers have come forward for the current vacancies on the committee; it is still not too late to volunteer as a vote can take place.

  • Chairman : Richard Bell
  • Treasurer : Pat Graham is willing to stand again
  • Volunteer Recruitment Officer : Ruth King
  • Volunteer Support Officer: Pat Cook (Peter Simmonds will assist by doing DBS, SAGE and driver records).
  • Coordinators representative incorporating coordinator training: Dee Phesse
  • Committee Member: Tessa Missen is willing to stand again.

Starters & Leavers
Farewell to these volunteers who have resigned recently.

  • Ann Lightfoot – Driver and ex committee member
  • Sandy Anderton- Driver
  • Ellodie van der Wulp – Driver

A very big welcome to

  • Liz Rowley – Driver

Donation Envelopes & Forms
Just a reminder that while Open Door is suspended all donations envelopes and expenses forms to go direct to Pat Graham. Further supplies of envelopes & forms are also available direct from Pat.

Lighter Moment: Rule of Six
I would like to share a couple of cartoons that I have received from family & friends during lockdown. I hope that you are not offended by any of these!

memes for newsletter